6 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Baking Cookies

Have you recently started baking? Don’t understand why your cake isn’t rising properly?  While a lot of newbies might make many mistakes while baking for the first time, there are a few mistakes that a seasoned baker makes as well. These common mistakes are so silly and avoidable and could really make your baking much easier and amazing if you avoided them. However, you could also learn the fundamentals by joining a group baking class, it’s cheap and you learn a lot faster.

Want to know more about these common mistakes? Then read on to learn about the 6 common baking mistakes that every baker makes at some point.

1. Reading the recipes incorrectly

A lot of people often don’t read the recipes properly and use the incorrect amount of ingredients which can really alter the taste of your baked goods. If you read the comma incorrectly, then you could really use the wrong amount of ingredient. For example, 1 cup of almonds, chopped means that you need to take 1 cup of almonds and then chop them up and not take 1 cup of chopped almonds. There is a huge difference between the two to avoid such mistakes.

2. Checking up on the cake frequently

Another frequent mistake made by bakers is that they tend to check on their cake in every 10 minutes which can release the hot air from the oven and leave your cake uncooked.

Checking up on the cake frequently

So, if you want to check up on your cake, give it half an hour before you open the oven door and use a toothpick to see if it is still gooey from inside.

3. Using cold ingredients

Never use cold ingredients as it will become difficult to get the texture that you need. In every recipe, the ingredients are mentioned to be at the room temperature so make sure you get your ingredients to room temperature before you start mixing them up.

4. Miss measuring the oven temperature

Another frequent mistake made by the bakers is that they believe the oven temperature display and don’t confirm once before they start baking cakes or cookies. While it might feel okay for the temperature to be a little off by 5 degrees, sometimes your oven might be faulty and could actually provide 50-100 degrees less heat than it shows which could be really bad for your cake. So, make sure you check the temperature using an oven thermometer and only then place your batter inside to bake.

5. Using wrong baking sheets

If you choose a dark, non-shiny sheets then your cookies might get burnt due to overheating and if you use insulated sheets, then your cookies might remain undercooked. This means that you need to invest in the perfect baking sheet which will make it easier to slide the cookies to a cooling rack and will provide it with perfect heat for cooking evenly.

6. Using an airtight container for storing cupcakes

Never, ever use an airtight container to store cakes, muffins, cupcakes, etc. An airtight container will trap all the heat from the baked items and will create moisture inside which will cause your baked goods to turn soggy and mushy.

Using an airtight container for storing cupcakes

Instead, you can use a foil paper to cover the top of the baked item so that it doesn’t turn soggy or stale.

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