How to keep your Kitchen Faucet clean

A shiny and clean Kitchen Faucet can provide an attractive look to your Kitchen while a dull and stained kitchen faucet can do the opposite. Since a Kitchen Faucet is used regularly, it is no surprise that it will gather a lot of grime and dirt from the usage and can slowly lose its looks if not taken care of.

Don’t worry though because we have a few ways in which you can keep your kitchen faucet look clean and shiny for a long time. Just follow these steps and your Kitchen Faucet will look brand new for many years to come:

Keep your Faucet finish clean

One of the most important things to keep in mind when cleaning your Kitchen Faucet is to understand the faucet finish. You cannot use just water to clean it because many faucet finishes might react with water to produce rust which will ultimately lead to corrosion.

Kitchen Faucets

So, understand your faucet finish and then read about your faucet manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean the kitchen faucet. Also, check the cleaning tool which is suggested and make sure you don’t use a scrub or an abrasive brush as it can be harmful to your faucet.

Use dish soap and warm water

One of the easiest and simplest ways to clean your Kitchen Faucet is with the help of a dish soap and warm water. Just clean your faucet with it and then pat it dry with an unused clean cloth. This will be able to take care of most dirt and stain and will keep your faucet look clean and fresh.

Use white vinegar

If you are facing grime problem in your Kitchen faucet then using a white vinegar solution is an effective way to clean your faucet. Just use half a cup of hot water and half a cup of white vinegar and then dip your clean cloth into this solution.

Use the cloth to scrub a little part of the faucet to check if it will damage the faucet’s finish or not. If it doesn’t then you can go ahead and clean your faucet with it.

Remove stains with Baking Soda

One of the best ways to get rid of stains on your Kitchen Faucet is by using a baking soda and a toothbrush. It is an effective cleaning solution for most kind of stains and can make your faucet look stain free and shiny.

Just apply a small amount of the baking soda to an old toothbrush and add a little water to it. Then scrub your kitchen faucet with this toothbrush to get rid of all the nasty stains.

Get antimicrobial protected sink faucets

One of the most common problems that one faces with their kitchen faucets is the growth of microbes on it. This is why antimicrobial technology is a great way to keep the microbes away from your faucet.

This doesn’t get washed off or wiped away which makes it really effective in keeping your faucet hygienic while at the same time keeping it clean too.

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